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Lightning Flower - by National Bestselling Author Tenaya Jayne

Project Type: Paranormal / Fantasy Romance

This final, compelling novel completes the Legends of Regia series by National Bestselling Author Tenaya Jayne and is a thrilling, yet heartwarming read. Our work involved Developmental and Line Editing, and Copyediting. We simply adore this author's work, as well as this series, and are sad to see it close.   Watch for new things coming in 2017.

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What People Are Saying

  • Leah St. James - author of Surrender to Sanctuary and Adrienne's Ghost

    Alicia is not only exceptionally skilled at understanding genre fiction and seeing the big (plot) picture, but she wields that editing knife with diplomacy and tact, always making sure to clearly explain her recommendations.

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  • Josh Radke - Owner/Publisher, Grail Quest Books

    If you need an editor to provide you with objective, professional, and no punches pulled feedback for your book projects then Bryan’s editing services are what you are looking for. He’s honest, flexible, and brings great credibility to whomever he works with; Grail Quest Books stories are 100% the better for having him involved.

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