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Final Proofreading

Available only to clients we have copyedited.

A final proofread is the last step in a book's journey to publication, and a step we cannot recommend enough. This is the last chance for your manuscript to be reviewed by a professional, before you turn it loose on the world. Before readers get their hands on it, and there's nothing worse than receiving a negative review for technical issues.

Whether or not we've taken your book through the editing process, we will happily give yours a last once-over. In this phase, it is read by a member of our team who has not been involved in the project previously. Attention is given to any lingering spelling errors, punctuation errors, and overall errors in the manuscript. Creative suggestions are not supplied.

Once corrections are made, your book is ready to be published! You may choose to have us format your manuscript, or you may do so yourself.

For those authors who have completed an Intensive Editing Package or a Full Service Editing Package with us, this service is included for each individual book at no charge. If your manuscript was edited elsewhere, while other editors will charge per page or by the hour, our proofreading is set at a flat fee based on word count. Please see our rates, or editing packages, for pricing.

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